Joel Reeves

Tutor of Okinawan Martial Arts & Shiatsu Therapy

My teaching style blends traditional karate training with a health conscious attitude. This concept of Health Defence is based on over thirty years experience and is the core ethos of our school karate program, which specialises in teaching Okinawan martial arts to children aged 6-11 in schools throughout the capital. 

A frequent visitor to Okinawa I play an active role in the promotion of its karate and culture here in the UK. My training is a direct transmission from Mr Higa Kiyohiko, 10th dan of the Bugeikan in Shuri and focusses on the preservation of three distinct styles or 'ryu-ha' namely:

  • Hanashiro Chomo Syuri-ti Karate
  • Tachimura-ha Syuri-ti
  • Yamane Ryu Bojutsu

In addition to this I am a professional Shiatsu Therapist and Tutor specialising in postural re-alignment, martial arts injuries and stress related illness. 

Available for private consultation, group training opportunities, Film & TV training.

Achievements & Positions

  • 5th dan Shihan | Bugeikan
  • Uchi-deshi | Higa Kiyohiko 10th dan Bugeikan, Shuri
  • Chief Instructor: London School of Karate
  • Master Tutor: Shiatsu Touch Therapy | ISA
  • Event Coordinator: London Okinawa Day
  • Founder: UK Okinawa Karate & Kobudo Kenkyukai

Publications & Features:

The Karate-Ka: A search for the old to understand the new
Way Publications 2015

Ippon Magazine: Issue 10, 2018

Contact Details:

m. 07454 78 33 64